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SN|K Conversation Starter

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The SN|K Conversation Starter is designed to help individuals address those who they want to provide assistance to.

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The SN|K conversation starter helps to walk the individual and the person they are addressing through the purpose of their conversation, setting clear expectations, and making a clear offer for help. It also opens the door for further conversation on how they can best support their addressee. Each conversation starter pack comes with five cards to fill out.

Example Conversation Starter Card


How to Use the SN|K Conversation Starter

Each conversation starter card has five sections to complete. These questions correspond to each section of the conversation starter card.

  1. Who are you addressing and what are the implications of a conversation with them? Being aware of your addressee’s commitments and relationships is important. Mindfulness of your addressee’s circumstances can prevent misunderstandings once the conversation has started.
  2. Why are you reaching out to this person? Explaining to your addressee what you value about them will help you both set clear expectations for your conversation and may help your addressee feel at ease.
  3. What do you want to tell them? To help the conversation be clear, be very specific. Your addressee may have follow up questions. Be prepared with distinct, non-accusatory examples and listen carefully to their responses. This will keep the conversation on the right track.
  4. How do you want to help them? Clear and specific examples of the help you are offering will make it more comfortable for your addressee to engage in the conversation.
  5. Resilience is an important part of communication and the only part which is completely up to you. Vulnerable conversations can be very uncomfortable. The reactions of your addressee are not your responsibility. If the help you are offering is not received as expected, it is not a reflection on you. You cannot force anyone to let you help them. Remember, starting the conversation is the important part.



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